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birds of a feather

Birds of a Feather....LOL

Quita and Mal have been friends for over 10 years. They attended the same high school but did not become close until after graduation and have been flocking together ever since. Join them on this journey called life.

Our Vision

This is where two friends on a journey to become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy while dealing with the ups and downs of life and trying to conceive. A place where like minded individuals can heal, grow and love even if they are going through similar battles or not. All walks of life are welcomed, be it you are struggling to conceive, juggling a career and family or if you are just looking to be a better person to you. We want this environment to be a place to vent life's frustrations while learning from those lessons and remembering that mental wellness is important. Take care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health without allowing negative thoughts to hinder your progress.

Meet the Ladies behind Better Way of Thinking



Hi! I'm Quita and Better Way of Thinking is a concept I came up with one day because I wanted to feel better mentally and emotionally and in order to do this I would have to train myself from the inside out. This picture here is one I will always cherish. We are one week away from finding out that I am pregnant and our lives would change instantly from the moment the second line appears on the test.

In January 2017 I experienced a miscarriage, one of the hardest things I had to overcome and still struggle with to this day. This was extremely difficult to endure as my husband and I struggled for years to become pregnant, even went through fertility treatments that failed, and thought we had finally reached our dream, naturally nonetheless, to have it taken away so suddenly. I was so angry and hurt and when I looked for a space to turn to in order to learn to COPE, HEAL and be HAPPY again but I didn't find much. I want to create that here, a place to not only get things off of my chest but a place to put into practice ways that make me happier. I can't promise you'll forget or "get over" your ordeal but what I can promise you is that I will share my outlets for improving my well-being.

Through depression, sickness and anxiety one day I realized I would never feel any better if I continued to put others' problems and issues before my own. It dawned on me that I was serving from an empty vessel and you cannot serve from an empty vessel. For years I would hear people tell me that a persons' thought process dictates the outcome of life and positivity is a choice. I decided I wanted to be more positive going forward in hopes of having a better quality of life and thoughts. After years of putting others before my own personal care, I had no idea where my life should go.

I decided to share my idea of blogging and vlogging with my best friend Mal. Mal loved the idea and thought it would be a good opportunity for us to finally start living the lives we always wanted and by doing so, hoping, others can learn from our failures and success. As a team we will help one another, as well as others, to put ourselves first and break the mentality of feeling guilty for wanting and needing to make our happiness a priority. This journey is to discover what makes me happy and not have situations that I can and can not control weaken my growth. From this day forward I will train my mind to see the good in everything, even if it requires me to vent my frustrations and let loose my negative thoughts.

Mal & Ant beach day pic


I’m Mal. Quita and I have been friends for 10 PLUS years. She’s the type of friend that knows when something is wrong with me. I don’t even have to speak, she just can sense it. It’s normal for us to text each other a hundred times a day. She approached me with the idea to have a safe haven for people to vent. I loved the idea! We have both gone through some pretty unique things in our life.

If we can share our stories with one person, and make them feel better, that would be an awesome feeling. I believe how we train our mind to respond to negativity, makes a huge impact on the results in our life. Being kind to others, helping others, supporting others, making memories, traveling the word, writing, having faith, volunteering, and living my authentic-self are high on my personal priority list. We encourage everyone to join the ride with us!

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If there is a topic you would like us to cover or just want to talk feel free to send an email. We'll gladly reach back out as soon as we can.