Just another interview is a piggyback off of a blog I  made recently. What to do if you have an interview? 

Just another interview is a piggyback off of a blog I  made recently. I talked about the phone interview process. For me, I would much rather the process be in person. It’s a much easier sell. I can smile and ENGAGE.   Being a hiring manager in the past, I would also much rather prefer someone come interview face-to-face than calling them on the phone. Only real reason I’d host an interview over the phone is for pre-screening. Other than that I want to see you face to face. Since I’ve had to “update” my interviewing skills recently and I’ve been able to interview people in the past, thought this would be another good blog post.

What to do if you have an interview?  Not many admit it, but YES this is still a thing! People often have a VERY hard time with the process and question their every move PRIOR to interviewing and after the interview.

Just another interview is a piggyback off of a blog I  made recently. What to do if you have an interview? 

These are things I like when I interview someone:

  1. Timely! Be on time for the interview. It shows that you are punctual and the interview matters to you. It’s a good idea to arrive early just in case other paperwork is needed.
  2. Appearance! You know that saying “dress for success?” That saying was beaten into my head as a teenager. And, it makes sense. Show up to the interview like you want it. Put some effort into the process.
  3. Bring your resume! Bring any other documentation that supports your ability to have the job. Diplomas, certificates, licenses, just to name a few. Put them all in a folder with your resume on top. I always like to leave on the right side a piece of paper for the interviewer to take notes, on the left I organize my resume with supporting documents. Yes, the interviewer will generally bring their own people but have your information well organized will show that you CARE.
  4. Tools! If you know you are taking a knowledge test bring study material. Study in the lobby prior to the test. If asked why you are studying prior simply state, “I want to get in as MUCH information as I can with this time.” If you have taken the test and have gotten an answer incorrect, you can refer to your books. You can show your employer you have the ability to find the correct answer. Or, if you’re asked in an interview a knowledge question you can ask if you can refer to your books. This will show your ability to go the extra mile.  It will show that you aren’t reliant on anyone and you have the ability to take issues into your own hands.
  5. Body Language! Greet the interviewers with a SMILE. Shake hands firmly. Keep eye contact. Don’t fidget. It’s hard to do when your nervous but don’t do it.  It can portray to the interviewer you are nervous, and they mistake that for a lack of knowledge.
  6. Enthusiastic! You need to stand out from the crowd, make yourself DIFFERENT.
  7. Don’t beat around the bush! When asked about yourself, go straight to the MEAT.  Say the traits that make you the best candidate for the job.  Express gratitude for the interviewer and their time. Most importantly, address the fact that you researched the company and pick a particular reason why you thought the company was a great fit.  Afterwards, you can ask if you misinterpreted any questions and would the interviewer like to know more of your personal life. At that point, you can share more.  It shows that you have the JOB on your mind first. Basically, your priority is in order.
  • A study shows that within the first 5 MINUTES an interviewer knows if they would like to hire a person or not. The REST of the interview is to VALIDATE.
  1. Show! Show them why you are the best candidate. A lot of time interviewers will ask you about a negative in your life. They want to know how you used traits to flip the negative to a positive.  Show positivity. Be prepared to have to SHOW something that is unrelated to the job.
  2. LISTEN, THINK, RESPOND! Write notes while the interviewer is speaking. Address at least 1 of their points with your response. It will show interest and attention to detail.
  3. Ask! Interview back. Yes, it’s okay to lead an interview back. Make sure you find YOUR perfect fit because if you don’t ask questions then you won’t know if it is truly your fit.
  4. Closing! Make yourself STAND out. Address what you learned the interviewer wants, and state what you have that meets their expectation.  Really SELL yourself.
  5. Send! Reach out to interviewer via email and thank them.
  6. You think you did horrible! After a couple of days, you really know you did horrible. Don’t give up. Call the interviewer. Explain you were nervous and explain yourself. Identify what you thought you did incorrectly or the questions you thought you could answer correctly. It shows determination. It shows you have the ability for FOLLOW THROUGH.

Just another interview is a piggyback off of a blog I  made recently. What to do if you have an interview? 

Additional Tips:

  1. RESEARCH- research everything you possibly can about the company prior to the interview. Bring a cheat sheet with you to the interview.
  2. PREP QUESTIONS/ AND ANSWERS- create a word document with your answers.  This way you can make sure you touch on all points during the interview. It will give you a guideline to follow, to stay on task, and it’s okay to read from it.  It really is.
  3. MIRROR – sounds SILLY.  Spend some time in FRONT of the mirror prior to the interview.  It is the best indication to show you your posture.
  4. RECORD- record yourself asking a question and then answer it. Play it back. You will be able to see how confident you sound. How articulate you are and your ability to clearly answer questions. You can even mock interview with a friend/ or family member.

By no means, this isn’t the STANDARD. It’s just what’s worked for me in the past. Just another interview offers the things that have made me hire someone directly on the spot.  Interviewing is not easy and I honestly feel like it’s a job in itself. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do great in one interview. Move on to the next and be better.

Anyone on the interview journey, I know how discouraging it can be.  But Be Brave, Be Confident, Be Kind, Be Assertive, and Be Prepared. You’ve got this! There will be another interview for you if one does not work out in your favor.