when opportunity knocks

When Opportunity knocks, TAKE IT. If you aren’t SCARED shitless, and excited, then, in my opinion, you’re not normal.  I’m the kind of person that CRAVES routine but loves to have a gypsy soul. I like to have control of my home, and financial being each day. I like being able to make a decision and feel comfortable to do something on a complete WHIM. Like, wake up on Saturday afternoon and just road trip for NO REASON. The kicker is though; I don’t necessarily like when something shows UP in front of me on a WHIM. I also don’t like CHANGE that I am not controlling. It freaks me out, in a weird way, makes me feel pressured.  I think this relates back to my childhood. When my father died, I felt like I was immediately rooted to another state, without closure, and the CHANGE was significant. I talk a little more about this here.

I’ve dreamt for so long that I was going to live in Florida that this would be my FOREVER home.  Like forever, forever.  I have lived in 4 other states before moving to Florida. If you ever moved cross country and drove your things, you’ll understand how tough it can be. Try doing it with a dog in the back seat that HATES car rides. Or, be me and get extreme car sickness.  The transition is difficult, after the move too. You miss home! You have to create a new routine and MAKE new friends. The hardest thing for me has always been moving away from my friends. The ones that JUST get you, that’s still so tough. But when opportunity knocks, take it.

sunny florida


I went on a little bit of a tangent above, but it gives you a great backstory into my life.  What I dreamt doesn’t have to be the DREAM. It can change. And that is, okay. It’s okay to leap, and not feel put.  Living in Florida, location wise is everything I dreamed.  I am So, CLOSE to the water, which soothes the soul. But career-wise,  it WASN’T what I hoped for at all.  I  quit my job.  Upright, just left after a  conversation with the owner. I had never worked at such a horrible place. I had not been at a job for less than five years. So, this was a massive CHANGE for me.

I thought I had miserably failed. I mean for years I laid in bed with my husband dreaming of all the ways we would get to Florida. We didn’t know then how we would make it, BUT we made it. It took us two years to figure it out.  We did it within two years, which I didn’t think was possible. I felt like I was depriving our self of OUR dream. Although, I knew too that he wasn’t happy with his career in Florida.

Within two weeks of quitting, I had contacted a former boss. A mentor whom I RESPECT, and I give all the credit for grooming me into a knowledgeable professional.  Since I knew he KNEW the market well, I asked him was he aware of any openings. His immediate response was HE had an opportunity.  I could work for him doing what I had done for him in years past.  The thing was I would have to MOVE to North Carolina. I immediately thought to myself take out the location of North Carolina, and this is something I would want to do.

He knows me, he knows my work ethic, and I know his expectations. I WOULD have to prove myself again, but I would just have to work as hard as I had for him in years past. The only issue, my husband, what would he do?  He wasn’t happy at his job. His job is very nitch, like extremely nitch. He works in aviation so where he can work is extremely limited. He wasn’t happy, but that paycheck mattered, what would we do? I continued to try to interview, but nothing spoke to me like this position.

when opportunity knocksWhen opportunity knocks, take it, and we decided to take a trip out there.  You know, tour the area.  It was beautiful but it WASN’T Florida, I knew in my heart I would miss the water.  We went to dinner with my former boss, and he eased all of our concerns. We flew home, STILL on the fence. I mean, if it were in Florida it would be done, hook line and sinker.  We had to think about it.

My husband had initially planned on commuting every four days. I wasn’t feeling that. I would be away from my husband for more than half the time while we are actively trying to conceive. What happens if it FINALLY happened and I got pregnant. He helped make the baby, and I want him to be a part of the journey. We lived apart before and failed.  For me, there was no way we could live alone. I know people do it every day, and I give them mad credit. Like a ton. I am way too weak to do it. I have to see him every day. As needy and selfish as it sounds, it’s the truth. I  married him to be with him.

The VERY hardest part about wanting to be together is someone would have to SACRIFICE their career.  Our dream careers will drive us to different states, and that’s just a FACT.  Ultimately, we listed out all our pros and cons.  I accepted the offer, and he gave his notice.  If this isn’t love? I really, don’t know what is?

This man may change careers so that I can chase my DREAM. That scares THE HELL out of me because I don’t want him to resent me for leaving his job. But, it was right for our little family, and hopefully one day for our larger family. I find financial security, stability, and longevity. I have high hopes and fear. It’s a risk. I often think to myself, did we jump ship too soon? We are in this together, hands down, 100 percent in this together. Like we conquered Florida, we can conquer anything.

We will soon be moving to embark on a new journey. I am taking my own advice that when opportunity knocks, take it. We are BOTH scared. That’s just being honest. But honestly, everything you do in life has a risk. I do not want to take an opportunity and think to myself what if? Every new adventure you choose, you learn something from it.  Every new risk you take, you grow from it. I mentioned above I have a gypsy soul. What better way to have a gypsy soul than by being able to explore the world while getting a paycheck. North Carolina, is just a PIT stop in the journey.  We will find our way to the water again.  When you feel you are at your lowest, never give up.  The things that often scare you are the most worth it.  Life does end up working out with time.

My husband is making an extreme sacrifice for me, and I appreciate this, more than I could ever explain.  What I am most excited about is MORE time with him. More time to explore. I get to be lost in nature. See a different scenery. Hike in the mountains with my husband, and my dog.  The best advice I can give is EMBRACE change and when opportunity knocks, take it  One lack of accomplishment, could genuinely end up being your BEST blessing.  Make it FUN!  Explore your new life; we only LIVE but one time.

when opportunity knocks

Sometimes there is no greater feeling than being able to hit a restart at life. You’d be amazed at how quickly that can be done when you place yourself in another environment. Yes, my husband temporarily leaves his job, but I am confident he too will find his way, alongside me.  Remember, no JOB is ever worth your happiness.  Give yourself the opportunity to live life, and not just be a shell of yourself just barely getting through life.  Make it worth it. Take risks, make dreams, chase dreams, and change dreams.  I have ALWAYS found the risk is WORTH the reward.

If you ever fear change, embrace it.