tricks for moving to another city

Are you moving to another city, and looking for a new home or apartment? I’ve had to make the move. Here are some “tricks,” I have found to be helpful.

  1. Budget
  • Determine your budget and STAY within budget. Your gut tells you what you are capable of. You can always change your budget AFTER you know you can comfortably live. Especially in an apartment, you can easily upgrade to a larger apartment.
  • Have a record of your expenses. Spend some time and TRACK them. This will allow you to be a REALIST with your budget.
  • Identify what is going in and what is going out.
  • Evaluate all forms of income and total them.
  • Total your bills.
  • Know the money that is your variance, the money you have left over after all your bills are paid.
  • Know the money that is coming out of pocket that you don’t necessarily need. Are you willing to cut back on some of the following expenses to live in a beautiful place?

Think along the lines of these things:

  • A coffee every morning from a coffee shop
  • Getting your nails done
  • Gym membership
  • Cable
  • Shopping sprees for clothes
  • Identify the things you CAN’T go without

Think about these things:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Grocery expenses
  • Medical Expenses
  • I always found it best to ask immediately what the cost is for the property.  If it is ABOVE budget, I won’t even LOOK at the property. Why allow temptation?
  • You know that phrase “keeping up with the Joneses.” Do not have that mindset. Everything looks GREAT on the outside, but you don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors. You may have a neighbor with a sweet car, and nice things. But the eye can be deceiving. Possibly someone co-signed for him/her, everything is on credit, and creditors are constantly calling.  Don’t COMPARE; you will thank yourself!
  1. Cut back if you have too
  • Thrift stores are great places to get things at a great PRICE. UPSCALE thrift stores, you can often find furniture or even clothing with the tags still on them.
  • Coupon- collect them. Write a grocery list, and FOLLOW the list. Bring the coupons with you, to cut down the bill. So often, we put a BUNCH of random things in the cart we do not need (for me I am the WORST in the aisle at the register, I will put everything in the cart, I have a HUGE sweet tooth).
  • USE REBATE apps – There are plenty of rebate apps that will pay YOU for shopping at a store. You already have to go shopping anyway, so why not get paid for it?
  • GARAGE SALES- Honestly, some of the best pieces of furniture I have found have been at a garage sale. No one will know you purchased it at a garage sale. You can’t determine that by just looking at a piece of furniture. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.
  • OPT-IN – sometimes than a very fancy night out- you can have date nights or gatherings in your home, make it a potluck. It’s less money coming out of your pocket and can be JUST as FUN.
  1. Research the area
  • Figure out what attractions are in the area, or places you would like to be close too.
  • Google places to live, document them so you know the places that you would like to see.
  1. Call the places you have selected and schedule times to meet with them –
  • Organize the trip from furthest to closet to where you are staying
  1. Collect the pamphlets given at the showings and take notes. If you see MULTIPLE properties, it will be hard to remember each one.
  1. TRIAL RUN– I don’t ever suggest just flat out moving to another city without TRULY taking the time to experience it. Initially, we ALWAYS feel it’s great because excitement takes OVER. But, after awhile EXCITEMENT wears off. At the very least go for a few days. Go to dinner, and do things you like to do. See the people, and see if you have the potential to integrate into the new city. Each city has a VIBE.
  1. CHOOSE– make the best fit for your lifestyle. It’s that SIMPLE, pick the place that makes you happiest. Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean you should jip yourself of happiness on the area that you will be living.


SAVE – if you know you are MOVING, set aside some money. And, some additional money. One is for the actual move, and the other for emergency funds. You never know what could happen when moving cross country

CASH, ALL DAY – most people don’t carry around cash. I like to. It makes me stay within budget. I only have the cash that I have, and that’s it. I find that with my card handy I am more likely to spend. But, that’s just me. Try it; it may work for you.

If your moving, I wish you GOOD LUCK. Embrace the journey. Experience the new adventure and “When Opportunity Knocks, Take It“.

CHEERS, to upwards, and onwards.