What to do when in a writing slump? Writing slump occurs when I am stressed and have a lot on my plate.

What to do when in a writing slump? Writing slump occurs when I am stressed and have a lot on my plate. Or frankly, I am lacking motivation because my mood is not up to par. I have all these ideas running through my head and suddenly I hit a brick wall depending on how my day, week or month is going. Do you sometimes find yourself in a writing slump or lack the motivation to get a task done?

Life throws curve balls often and as I get older I realize more and more that I have to figure out how to hit them out of the park anyway. By any means necessary. Now, does that mean each time I swing at the said ball I don’t strike out? Absolutely not! I often miss and must dust myself off and get my head in the game to overcome my writing slump.

There are many reasons you may find yourself in a slump.

  1. Busy! There are more things on your plate than there were before.
  2. Uninspired! Let’s face it. Every day will not be full of inspiring things to get your creative juices flowing BUT there are ways around this.
  3. Road Block! You have run out of ideas and need to adjust your thinking cap.
  4. Life! Things will occur that you have no control over and must figure out how to overcome the hurdle.

In an attempt to avoid a writing slump here are a few things I attempt to do but I won’t lie I am not always successful, LOL.

  • Plan!  Set a schedule for you to follow. By doing so you will have it “set in stone” the days you have set aside to focus just on writing. Don’t get upset or feel like you failed if you don’t stick to your schedule because remember life happens. Just don’t make it a habit to not follow through.
  • Notepad/Recorder! I often find I have ideas that pop into my head while I am out and about. So what I like to do is keep a notebook and pen on me at all times. I have also started to use my built-in recorder on my phone so while I am driving, etc. I am able to just let my thoughts fly. Once I am near my computer or have something to write with I can listen to what I recorded and expand from there. This comes in handy when I am stuck. I just revisit my thoughts and go from there.
  • Meditate! Okay, this may sound a bit odd but when I am in any kind of slump, not only a writing slump, I like to meditate. I can clear my mind of all unnecessary clutter and relax. It allows me to start fresh and think clearly about the task at hand. Less stress and being in a better mental state will help with being in a writing slump.

Avoiding writing slumps will not always come easy. But when they do occur burn some incense, blast some music (or play it softly if you prefer) and get into your creative zone. Sometimes slumps are here to remind us that, “hey, you’re going a mile a minute and need to chill out”. Don’t push yourself to the max and attempt to force something. Let it come naturally and until then find a groove that works for you to overcome your writing slump ASAP.

From my heart to yours,